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    Suntrine Biotechnology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in production, manufacturing and sales of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) consumables.

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Step into the realm of cutting-edge laboratory solutions with Suntrine Biotechnology, your premier destination for high-tech in vitro diagnostic (IVD) consumables. As a specialized enterprise dedicated to production, manufacturing, and sales, we introduce a curated selection of essential products that redefine precision in scientific endeavors.Our range includes the versatile 1000ml Reagent Bottle, ensuring secure containment for your valuable reagents. The 15ml Plastic Bottle offers a lightweight and durable solution for smaller volumes, preserving sample integrity. Safeguard light-sensitive substances with our Amber Reagent Bottle, designed for longevity and purity.For impeccable mixing capabilities, embrace the Conical Flask Erlenmeyer, crafted to facilitate uniform heat distribution. The 50ml Polystyrene Conical Tube streamlines sample handling during centrifugation and storage, ensuring efficiency.In the realm of liquid handling, our Individually Wrapped Pipette Tips set a new standard for hygiene and precision. Meticulously packaged, each tip guarantees uncontaminated and accurate liquid handling.Suntrine Biotechnology blends innovation with quality in every product, empowering your laboratory with the essential tools needed to redefine possibilities in diagnostics. Elevate your IVD workflows with our meticulously crafted consumables—where precision meets performance.

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Leading Manufacturer of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Consumables

Welcome to Suntrine Biotechnology, a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, manufacturing, and sales of innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) consumables. Our unwavering focus is on delivering IVD consumables tailored to diverse applications, ranging from new drug research and development, biopharmaceuticals, and medical research organizations to vaccine research and development, and the intricate realms of genetically engineered and cell engineering drugs. We cater to the sophisticated needs of bio-labs in institutions of higher education and various life science sectors. At the core of our offerings are meticulously engineered essentials, including the precision-driven Reagent Bottle 1000ml, the versatile Plastic Bottle 15ml, the light-sensitive safeguarding Amber Reagent Bottle, the mixing-optimized Conical Flask Erlenmeyer, the efficient sample processing 50ml Polystyrene Conical Tube, and the hygienically advanced Individually Wrapped Pipette Tips. These consumables redefine standards in volumetric excellence, sample preservation, light-sensitive substance protection, mixing capabilities, sample processing efficiency, and liquid handling precision. Suntrine Biotechnology is committed to being your partner in scientific advancement, providing cutting-edge solutions to elevate the performance and reliability of laboratories across a spectrum of life science disciplines.

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Focus on Life Science Research & Development

Suntrine runs PCR labs, chemical labs and microbiological labs. Focus on IVD consumables applicable to new drug research and development, biopharmaceuticals, medical research organizations, vaccine research and development, research and development of genetically engineered drugs, and other life science sectors.

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PCR Labs

Our production facility is equipped with advanced equipment and machinery to guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Reliable & High-Quality Service

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced technologies that enable us to produce innovative IVD consumables that require minimal manual labor.

Strict Quality Control

We strive for excellence and follow strict quality control standards for every product we make.

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Customized Technology

Our highly advanced customization technology is designed to meet your specific needs.

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On-time Delivery

Our efficient and reliable processes ensure that you can get your order as soon as possible.

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